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The Icon Alphabet
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:: A B O U T

Welcome to the Icon Alphabet, the FIRST Alphabet Icons Community, founded on June 30th, 2005 by mycautionfix.

Yes, we're yet another icon challenge community. Instead of doing contests, like a stillness community, or asking you to create an insane number of icons in a short time (though thats quite fun too), we have you do a set. 26 icons, thats it. One theme, four weeks, 26 icons. Sound like fun? Then read on!

Your Staff:
Maintainer/Moderator :: therapy Now contessa, my journal for all things icons and screen caps
mycautionfix - Creater
choklita - Banner Maker

:: H O W W E W O R K

It's pretty simple, just follow these easy steps:
One. Join us! Click here to join. You can't post unless you're a member, though you can view the icons by friending us.

Two. Submit your claim. Go to this post to view the claims that have been taken. If your claim is available, comment on that post with your claim. Be sure to specifically mention which tv show/movie/celebrity you'd like to claim. You may claim two claims at once, but extra claims do not receive any time extensions. Please make sure you've joined the community before you submit your claim.

Three. I'll approve you, and then I'll give you posting access so you can post your icons. Do not try posting before I give you approval, you won't be able to. You'll have exactly 28 days from the day I approve you to complete your icons.

Four. Icon time! Simply create an "alphabet set" of your claim. Each icon must have one letter of the alphabet as its theme, with no repeats. For example, an "A" icon for a Lost claim might be "Airplane", B might be "Boone", etc. You do not need the letter/word itself on your icon, but you must specify what the theme is below your icon set.

Five. After you've completed your icons, post here! It's our "Claim to Fame" post, and will contain a complete list of claims. You'll be immortalized, all in all a good time.

:: R U L E S

One. You may claim tv shows, movies (as well as any character related to those things), or celebrities. Musicians, sports teams, etc., are not allowed.

Two. You may claim up to two subjects at any given time. However, please remember that time extensions will not be granted to users with multiple claims, so keep that in mind!

Three. Each subject can only have one owner at a time. If your subject is taken, you may apply on the Waiting List, or choose another.

Four. Post at least 5 icons in each batch you share. That means you should have no more than five batches.

Five. Use LJ-cuts. Any post with more than three icons (which should be all of them!) should lead to a cut after three. Fake cuts are allowed as long as you specify that the link will lead to another journal. If you choose to link outside, do not make your icon posts friends-only on your icon journal.

Six. You guys are mature. Nothing pornographic or in other ways inappropriate. If you are using foul language, put those icons that contain the words behind a cut, and let people know before they click that they will see cursing, etc. behind the cut.

Seven. Don't post icons you made three years ago. Make new ones, otherwise, whats the point?

Eight. We don't have "themes" here like many other icon communities do, simply because the volume of icons here is much less. However, we do have a few challenges. You must have at least one icon for each of the following:

:: A black and white icon (at least 80% b/w)
:: A non 100x100 icon

Pretty easy right? That leaves 24 free for you.

Nine. Post in the following format when you are sharing your icons:

Subject: (i.e.) Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls
Batch #/Total Icons Complete: (i.e.) Batch 3 - 20/26
Additonal Notes: Your own disclaimer and/or policy for crediting, as well as if you've made one of the two challenge icons.

Questions? Check the F.A.Q. page! Still don't have an answer? Than post your question to that thread, and I'll reply ASAP.

IMPORTANT. If you have not posted any icons within the four weeks that I approved your claim, your claim will be removed, and your next will have a "probationary" status. Meaning that you will need to post your first batch within the first week of approval.

Hiatus Claim Rule: This is v. v. important. If you have claimed an item, and for some reason will not have computer access for the majority of your two week period, please let me know and you'll be put on Hiatus Claim status. What does this mean? Someone else will be able to stake claim in that item. When you return, if no one else has claimed that item, you will have the remaining x amount of days to post the rest of your icons. If someone else has claimed that item, once they are completed, you'll have the remaining x amount of days to complete your claim. Example: Joe Schmo left for vacation after nine days of his claim. He gets back, he has twenty one more days upon his return to post the rest of his icons.

:: A F F I L I A T E S

Want to be an affiliate? Comment on the F.A.Q. page with a link to your journal!

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original layout coding/colour scheme: faceon / editing of coding + images by therapy

Promote, darlings! The more people we have joining, the more icons you'll be able to see. Please try to link to here in your userinfo, if you're cross-posting, etc.

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